About Us

At Aura Air, we care about the quality of the air you breathe.

Why We Designed Aura Air


In this uncertain life, breathing is a certainty. It is a sign of life and health. Yet, it’s wonderful how this activity doesn’t even register in our senses. The only external thing it needs is clean air.

But where is this fresh air? Once unimaginable, this question bothers most of us today. As the amount of pollutants constantly multiplies in the environment, even your homes aren’t safe from toxic air. In fact, the environment indoors is 5x more polluted.

While you can’t do much about the outside except face masks, there’s plenty you can do to make your indoors your safe haven.

With that in mind, we have for you and your loved ones, a revolutionary solution to purify the air inside your homes and other indoor spaces. With the world’s smartest air management system, we take care of all your worries.

We are dedicated to ease the way you breathe. Understanding the value of a healthy and tension-free life, we have designed Aura Air to be both an excellent purification system and amazingly smart.

Our Motivation

Aura Air is not just another purifier; it’s a symbol of trust and assurance. Because at Aura Air we believe that:- Clean air is a necessity, not a luxury.

How Aura Air Came into Being

With the idea of a stunning, intelligent, and holistic purification system in mind, we developed Aura Air. Our novel idea secured funding in 2016, after which we designed a working prototype.

It was the end of 2018 when we finalized our first contracts after a series of testing and demos. This young product was launched by June 2019 in Middle-Eastern and European Markets, and was soon a point of praise everywhere.

Today, we find our place in countries like the US, UK, Israel, France, Rwanda, and Japan. And we have received appreciation and awe from all our customers

Applications of Aura Air

It’s not just your homes we take care of. Everywhere from hotels and restaurants to shopping malls and schools, Aura Air can deliver exceptional air quality.

We pride ourselves on catering to sectors like education, healthcare, hospitality, and even transportation. That’s right, our system purifies air in even buses, subways, airplanes, taxis, cruises, and ferries.

That’s not all; we even serve nursing homes, care facilities, and other care centers.
In short, if it’s indoors, you can have Aura Air ready and working.

Certification and Awards

Our excellence hasn’t gone unrecognized in our worldwide markets. We have been encouraged regularly worldwide for our efforts. Listed below are just some of our topmost recognitions:

Red Dot Design Award

Certified by EMSL Analytical Ltd

Certified from Kitasato Research Center from Environmental Science

Certified by Kitasato Research Center from Environmental Science

The Standard Institution of Israel

Turkish Republic Istanbul University

These are just a few of the many. We have constantly proved our worth, and made a mark in our markets. We believe in quality and thrive for it.

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Enough of us speaking!
It is your time now to breathe in safe air. Your loved ones shouldn’t have to breathe in toxins. So contact us today to get your very own Aura Air – the guard to your clean indoors.