Breathing is the first and last act of life. While many of us worry about the air outside, indoor air is, in fact, 5 times more polluted. With most of us spending 90% of our time inside, every breath we take affects our overall health more than we may realize.

With Aura Air, its game-changing air management system will bring you intelligent purification solutions to keep your air clean and mountain fresh.


Aura Air – more than just an air purifier

Aura Air developed the world’s smartest air management platform, one that cleanses and disinfects your indoor air while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time. Cutting-edge in design, it is remarkably simple to install and effortless to operate.

Just hang it up and plug it in. We’ll do the rest.


Because breathing shouldn’t require a second thought.

As air quality data is monitored in real-time, Aura air is able to provide customized insights and recommendations to the end-users according to their health needs.

For the enterprise user, using our algorithm – You can control, define, and modify the game – changing functionality of your Aura Air devices according to what matters most to your business.

Key Highlights

Hassle-free maintenance

Alerts for filter change

Great customer support

Removes very resistant virus at 99.99% efficacy

Covers 700 sq ft of area

Patented Sterionizer to produce positive and negative ions

Aura Air app personalised purification

High quality 4-step purification

Patented Ray Filter with high grade HEPA

4 UVc LEDs

Holistic solution for everyone

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Schools and Colleges



Health care facilities

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nurhing home

Senior living and Nursing homes

Whats Inside The Aura Air

With such advanced technologies, Aura Air has left no stone unturned. But what goes Inside The Aura Air?

The Sterionizer™

Our patented Sterionizer simulates the great outdoors by sending positive and negative ions into the air which break down the protein structure of viruses and bacteria, rendering them harmless. Traditional Ionisers produce large amounts of ozone which can damage the lungs. Aura Air produces ozone at a rate of only 5ppb (parts per billion) which makes it very safe for use around children and pets.

Ray Filter™

The 3-part patented Ray filter removes odours, particulates and filters out allergens, viruses,bacteria, spores and other pathogens. The high grade HEPA filter within, together with copper and carbon layer work to purify the air at an efficacy rate of 99.98%

UVC Light

UVC light has been proven to inactivate microorganisms by destroying the genetic material in the nucleus the cell or nucleic acids in viruses. The UVC light works at a wavelength of 200-280nm which is the most lethal range for microorganisms and long known to be highly germicidal.

Our Customers


Our Customer Testimonials

Hotel Sheraton Bandung,
The use of Aura smart Air can quickly eliminate smoke and odours. It helps to cut down the cleaning/turnaround time and guests do not need to wait long for a clean room.
It has improved our check-in duration
Hotel Ritz Carlton,
Initially, we did not believe that the Aura smart Air was able to eliminate Covid-19. But after testing it ourselves, we believe that this product is way more than just an air purifier.
SAS Securitas Indonesia,
As we believe in efficacy of the Aura Air, we have been recommending it to our partners to effectively clean the air in their offices during this pandemic.

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